From the Culture of Green to the Culture of Landscape



9.00 a.m. starting point: Piazza San Leone – 12.15 p.m. arrival: Piazza del Duomo

Green Cycling through the town of Pistoia: Art and Green for discovering Pistoia by bike“Memorial Alessandro Caselli”

The places where green and art marry in the “Italian Capital of Culture 2017”: a funny bike tour of 10 kilometers to find out  the artistic, chromatic and landscape suggestions of Pistoia, City of Plants.

TURN GREEN!!! This bike tour is inspired to green. Partecipants must wear green clothes or bring flowers or plants, or invent a green scenography to inaugurate the week of Vestire il Paesaggio and paint Pistoia green, together with experts and art historians.

Starting point in Piazza San Leone into the historic center, through the town streets with the following stoppoints: Villone Puccini, Monteoliveto Garden, Piazza San Francesco with its Pantheon, Giardino Volante /Flying Garden) and Hemodialysis Pavilon, with arrival into Piazza del Duomo.

Partecipants will have the chance to improve the knowledge of the artistic and environmental beauties of Pistoia through the voice of experienced guides:

Gianluca Chelucci – Introductory speech. Architecture historian, Regional Consul of Touring Club Italiano in Tuscany, President of the Association “Amici dei Musei e dei Monumenti di Pistoia”;

Marco Cei Agronomist specialized in landscape architecture, will speak about the green areas, with a particular attention to the Giardino Volante (Flying Garden), an excellent example of therapeutic green for the Hemodialysis Pavilion;

Laura Dominici and Perla Cappellini, art historians of the Cultural Association Mirabilia
Arte e Memoria, will introduce us into the story of Villa di Scornio and its “Romantic” garden, besides Piazza San Francesco and its Pantheon, where the Banda Borgognoni (active since 1813) will welcome partecipants with music;

Giacomo Carobbi and Cristiano Rabuzzi, authors of the book “Monteoliveto Pistoia e lo stadio dimenticato” will take us on a journey back in time.


Ancient Palazzo dei Vescovi – Conference Room

Meeting: “The invisible flowers”

9.00 – 11.45 a.m.

Born from an idea by Rita Paoli, shared and constructed by the Pistoiese cooperative “Pollici Rosa”, this journey among the “invisible flowers” of nurseries is dedicated to all those figures, especially the female ones, who work in nurseries and are less known; a tribute to all that little-known world which has significantly contributed to the quality of Pistoia’s nursery production and deserves greater visibility and knowledge.

The event, led by Margherita Lombardi and Simonetta Chiarugi, famous bloggers and  journalists of green, focuses on the “invisible flowers” with a series of readings, interviews and videos about secretaries, workers, drivers, but also entrepreneures working at the Distretto vivaistico pistoiese: the aim is to underline the importance of this little world, characterized by a constant working and familiar and social commitment, especially for women.     

Programme: Moderator – Margherita Lombardi, Writer, Blogger and Journalist of green

– Introduction of the project “The invisible flowers” by Rita Paoli, Forest Agronomist and  Nurserywoman;

– Speech of the President of Distretto Rurale Vivaistico-Ornamentale Pistoiese,
Francesco Mati;

Simonetta Chiarugi and Margherita Lombardi, journalists and bloggers of green engage a conversation with the nursery entrepreneures and the women of the  “Liberetutte” Association;

– Short break with the “visible” cakes, made by the nurserywomen of “Pollici Rosa”;

– A meeting with “The invisible flowers”, with a series of tales, interviews, photos  and videos about the most hidden but very important figures of the pistoiese nurseries: secretaries, drivers, workers, etc…

– During the morning some pieces from “Inspire the next” by the amateur writer Gioia Niccolai and from works by the writer and nurserywoman Rossella Sporti will be read;

Palazzo Rospigliosi – Embroidery Museum

12.00 p.m. Visit to the Embroidery Museum in Pistoia Leaving the Duomo square along the Ripa del Sale 3, on the right of the Town Hall Palace, stands the Sixteenth-century Rospigliosi Palace, where the Embroidery Museum is housed. The meeting point for the visit is the Museum, that exhibits a collection of embroideries  made from the 17th to the 20th century, as well as the tools and techniques of the traditional art of the Pistoiese embroidery, besides precious national and international embroidery donations.

The museum was founded in 2004 on the initiative of the Province of Pistoia, the Municipality of Pistoia and the Italian Homestead Movement (MOICA) which cares for the museum, its visits and organisation.
San Giorgio Library – “From the fairy drape to the enchantment of landscape

Exhibition Rooms

3.00 p.m. Inauguration of exhibitions and experiences Vestire il Paesaggio 2017

Frees entrance to the Exhition Rooms and showcases from 12 to 17 June during the opening hours of the Library to the following exhibitions:

–  “Fatti non foste che per essere rimirati” exhibition of artistic nursery calendars by the staff of Vestire il Paesaggio;

–  Exhibition dedicated to the experience of the Project “Arazzo Millefiori” of Pistoia. A wave of plants and flowers: a journey for the understanding of a work of art, with an Arazzo reproduction, created by the Staff of Vestire il Paesaggio with the drawings of the students participating in the project;

– Exhibition dedicated to the Landscape experiences and the History of Nurseries, books, catalogues, experiences, drawings and projects by the Province of Pistoia, together with experiences of some Pistoiese schools;

Auditorium Terzani – “From the fairy drape to the enchantment of landscape

3.30 p.m. Dialogue Meeting “Educating to the culture of gardens: from the Millefiori Tapestry to the nursery ornamental Pistoiese production. Diactic paths from fantastic to real.”

Introduction by Renato Ferretti, Executive of Provincia di Pistoia, Responsible of “Vestire il Paesaggio”.

“The Millefiori Tapestry of Pistoia. A wave of plants and flowers: a journey for the understanding of a work of art” a project by the Didactic Section of Museo Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi/Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia (Filomena Cafaro, Annamaria Iacuzzi, Simonetta Lupi, Cristina Taddei).

Umberto Alunni, General Manager Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e della Lucchesia;

Cristina Tuci, Manager of the Museum Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi;

Cristina Taddei, Didactic Section of the Museum Antico Palazzo dei Vescovi;

Elisabetta Pastacaldi, Head Teacher Liceo Artistico Petrocchi and Istituto
Comprensivo Marconi Frosini;

Cristiana Vettori, Project Coordinator for the primary school Collodi in Pistoia;

Chiara Nepi, Curator of the Botanic Museum in Florence

5.00 p.m. Short speeches on:

“Philosophers-Architects of gardens between ethics and aesthetics of landscape” a project by ITCS F. Pacini  Pistoia.

“The Garden of harmony” Project proposals for the upgrading of a green area for the school, a project by Istituto Omnicomprensivo  San Marcello

5.15 p.m.  “Gardens of light”: a dialogue lesson by Fernando Caruncho

The topic of the lecture is the importance of light as the essential element in Caruncho’s gardens. The light is understood in its whole sense: a basic element in the photosynthesis process, expression of a place and source of knowledge. Through this light concept, the garden takes a physical, spiritual and intellectual dimension. The lecture is composed of three parts: a short lesson, a video shown in silence and questions from the audience.

International Designer, Spanish Landscape Architect and Landscape Philosopher, famous in the world for his minimalist gardens and the use of light and organic shapes in the design of outdoor environments. 

Museum of the Ancient Palazzo dei Vescovi

6.30-8.00 p.m. An Itinerary between landscape painters and Millefiori Tapestry Guided visits with the Museum Manager Cristina Tuci.

The Millefiori Tapestry represents one of the most extraordinary artistic beauties of Pistoia, still little known but unique in its kind. It is a Tapestry made in the Flemish city of Arras, a textile fabric of considerable size in silk and wool that depicts a refined flower garden populated by wild animals and a large variety of flowers, which refer to the motif of ‘Hortus conclusus’.


Comune di Pistoia (Town Hall) Under the loggias of Palazzo di Giano

From 10.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Philatelic Cancellation under the loggias of Palazzo Comunale. Philatelic Cancellation of the commemorative postcard of the 4° Edition of Vestire il Paesaggio – Pistoia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2017, issued by Poste Italiane.

Comune di Pistoia (Town Hall) Palazzo di Giano Sala Maggiore

CONVENTION “From the Culture of Green to the Culture of Landscape”

First day

9.30 a.m. From the Culture of Green to the Culture of Landscape Introduces and  chairs Renato Ferretti – Executive of the Provincia of Pistoia

10.00 a.m. Speeches: The Major of Pistoia, the President of the Province of Pistoia
Rinaldo Vanni, the President of Fondazione Luca Iozzelli, the President of Regione
Toscana Enrico Rossi, the Minister of Agricultural Policies Maurizio Martina, the President of Distretto Rurale Vivaistico-Ornamentale of Pistoia Francesco Mati

11.30 a.m.-1.00 p.m. Lectio magistralis “The trees in the wallet: the economic value of trees and their role in the cities of the future” – Francesco Ferrini – Head Techer   Agricultural School University of Florence

2.00 p.m. La Culture of the production of ornamental plants Introduces and chairs Elena Accati Garibaldi

2.30 p.m. The production of Ornamental Plants in Europe – Josep Maria Pagès – ENA

3.00 p.m. The evolution of the cultivation techniques for ornamental plants –
Francesco Nicese – University of Florence

3.30 p.m. Plants at the base of green infrastructures – Paola Sangalli – AEIP

4.10 p.m. The Culture of Landscape Introduces and chiars Annalisa Maniglio Calcagno – University of Genua – AIAPP

4.40 p.m. The evolution of the landscape design culture – Laura Gatti –
Agronomist and Landscape Designer

5.10 p.m. Projects for next landscapes – Anna Lambertini – University of Florence and
Tessa Matteini – Architect and Landscape Designer

5.40 p.m. Landscapes in crisis: industrial archeology wears green too – Irena
Mantello – Architect and Landscape Designer, Vice President AIAPP Piemonte

6.10 p.m. The Culture of Green and Landscape: the fundamental role of media for the their diffusion and defense – Margherita Lombardi – Agronomist and Botanic Journalist


Comune di Pistoia (Town Hall) Palazzo di Giano Sala Maggiore

CONVENTION “From the Culture of Green to the Culture of Landscape”

Second Day

9.00 a.m. The research for new landscapes between Planning and ProjectIntroduces and chairs Silvia Viviani – Presidente INU

9.30 a.m.  The vital green town – Huub Keijzers – Naturalistic Engineer

10.00 a.m. The renewal of lines of trees, the present and the future of the urban arboreal heritage – Ciro Degl’Innocenti and Roberto Diolaiti Association Direttori e Tecnici Pubblici Giardini

10.30 a.m. Examples of renewal of line of trees – Francesco Messina Comune di Roma

11.00 a.m. Pistoia Ongoing Masterplan 2014-2016 – Gabriele Paolinelli – University of Florence

11.30 a.m. The landscape project as a virtuoso process activator – Antonella
Melone – President AIAPP Sez. Toscana Umbria Marche

12.00 p.m. Biodiversity and restoration of semi-natural grasslands – Michele Scotton
University of Padova

12.30 p.m. Extensive roof gardens with high ecological value in Mediterranean environment – Chiara Catalano – Zurich University of Applied Science

1.00 p.m. Projects and/or implementations of the new landscape of East Flanders –
Brecht Carels – Director of Economische Raad voor Oost-Vlaanderen EROV e Didier
Huygens – Director of the Department of Agricolture and Rural Policies



Visit to the production sites with specific lessons by experts in green and landscape and cultural and art events in nurseries. Partecipation to Cultural Itineraries through the Green is by invitation or reservation for a limited number of people. Registrations on the site


7.00-10.30 p.m. A Collection of Trees, Centro Mati 1909

An evening plunged into a green atmosphere among plants, flowers, music and products of the Tuscan land tradition with MATI EXPERIENCE.

A visit to demonstration gardens and ornamental vegetable gardens with an itinerant lesson on the collection of trees by Francesco Mati;

Presentation of the “Guidelines for the management of the public arboreal heritage from the Risk Management point of view” – Roberto Diolaiti – Comune di Bologna and following delivery of the Prize “Angelo Tosi” at its 9° edition, promoted by Comune di Coniolo (AL) and the Italian Association Direttori e Tecnici Pubblici Giardini;

“Let’s meet… with the vegetables of gardens”, following Concert of Classical Music organised by Andrea Mati.


2.00-4.45 p.m. Fruit plants and gardens, Romiti Vivai

Presentation of Luca Bracali’s photographic book on Ornamental Nursery and screening of movies on specific topics inside the Business Center rooms. Guided Tour to the collection of ornamental fruits plants and to the nursery.

5.00-7.00 p.m. Flowered Shrubs and perennials, Consorzio Ortovivaisti

Visit to the Collection of Hydrangeas, Buddleja, Hibiscus, Spiree of Consorzio
Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi together with Rita Paoli – Agronomist:

– Presentation of the book “More a vegetable garden than a common garden” by one of the authors,Simonetta Chiarugi, Blogger and Journalist of Green;

– “Tea and cakes at the farmyard”, homemade cakes and hydrangea tea “Serrata Oamacha” with the rite of Kanbutsu-è.

 7.30 – 10.30 p.m. The shape of plants, Rolando Innocenti & Figli

Installation and dance performance among the “Shape of Plants” withFabula Danza
Centro per la danza e il movimento di Pistoia” and lesson on this topic by the Garden
Designer, Elisabetta Pozzetti. Dinner-Time with traditional Pistoiese dishes.


9.00 a.m. -1.30 p.m. Trees and Shrubs for Landscape, Vannucci Piante

Business Center, Quarrata, Piuvica place, inside the Trees Hall, lesson by Marco
Pozzoli, Landscape Designer, and presentation of the book “Gardens and Landscape. The school of Marco Pozzoli” by Ines Romitti and more details on the theme of trees and shrubs with a visit to the nursery and its Show Room;

Pistoia Nursery Park, a nursery park with more than 1.000 plants even secular;

Pistoia Nursery Campus, a visit with a focus on the themes of the future landscape,  natural energies such as the sun, earth and wind, robotics, domotics, three-dimensional gardens, ending with a thematic lunch made with the production of the Campus vegetable garden.

2.00-4.45 p.m. The young plants, Innocenti & Mangoni Piante

Visit to the collection of young plants and lesson “The multiplication by cuttings of shrubs” by Valter Pironi – Agronomist and Consultant for Nurseries
5.30-9.30 p.m. Citrus fruits, olive trees and Mediterranean plants, Agricultural Technical Institute of Pescia “Dioniso Anzilotti”

The event is organized in the garden and in the square of the Institute with exhibition stands of the most important actors of the nursery sector with: olive trees, outdoor plants, olive groves and ornamental citrus, potted citrus fruits and ornamental citrus from the ancient Tuscan tradition and citrus varieties from all over the world; Mediterranean Bonsai, Bonsai accessories and Japanese garden plants; hand-crafted serene stone handicrafts for gardens, garden and home furnishing. In collaboration with CO.RI.PRO., Association of Vivai di Pescia, Oscar Vivai Tintori, Bonsai Franks, Cava Nardini.

The Journalist of Green and Agronomist Aldo Colombo will follow the visit with a lesson on Mediterranean plants.

Flora Toscana one of the most important Italian cooperative realities in the nursery sector will present the production of its membership with a rich and miscellaneous choice of cut flowers, specialised in the production of potted plants of the  Proteaceae family and of the Australian flora.  Luciana Romiti responsible of the communication area will welcome guests and explain the specificities of our territory.  
The evening also includes a musical entertainment and a tasting of typical dishes of the Valdinievole like the Sorana IGP bean cooked at “fiasco” and the sparrow with the ancient red.

Among the stands: The Paper Museum  where it will be possible to see how paper and filigree were made; The Association Little Producers of Sorana Bean “IL GHIARETO Onlus” and MeFiT AziendaSpeciale Mercato dei Fiori della Toscana, which manages the public market wholesale service of flowers for the Municipality of Pescia.


8.30 a.m. – 11.00 a.m. The Queen of the garden: the Rose, Rose Barni

“A Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose…” – Gertude Stein

A visit to the roses collection of this very famous company producing author roses since 1882 for five generations, keeping the value of this ornamental plant very high, on one hand by promoting the spread of increasingly new particular hybrids, on the other hand by respecting a high level of production quality. The visit will be illustrated by Ines Romitti – Architect and Landscape Designer with a lecture/interview on the rose, which has always been synonymous of charm and beauty, elegance and opulence.

11.30 a. m. – 5.00 p.m. Plants and gardens, Zelari Piante

Presentation of Parks and Gardens implementations with an explanation of the proper material and equipment for the creation of ornamental green by the experts of Euroambiente.

Visit to the collection of trees and conifers and speech by Claudia Pavoni – AIGP on the theme “ The role of line trees in the agricultural landscape”



A tribute to the Pistoiese Maestro Franco Petracchi


6.30 p.m. Palazzo De’ Rossi, Palace of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e
Pescia: an evening meeting with the Maesatro Franco Petracchi, one of the most important classical double bass player in the music history. A tribute to his carreer in the year of his 80th birthday. The partecipation is on reserved invitation and on booking for a limited number of people.


Contrabbassata” double bass players through the historic center of Pistoia

Green notes to discover the most characteristic corners of the historic center: the double bass traces an exciting journey into the heart of “the city of Cino”.  

5.30 p.m. Music performances of master and students double bass players through the town center (Piazza Duomo, Battistero, Piazza degli Ortaggi, San Giovanni Fuorcivitas, Via degli Orafi, Via dei Fabbri, Piazza Gavinana).

7.00 p.m. under the loggias of Palazzo Comunale (Town Hall) concert with Alberto Bocini and Antonio Sciancalepore Bass
Strong Quartet, following Gran Finale with all the musicians partecipating to the “contrabbassata” directed by the Maestro Franco

Maestro Franco Petracchi, is considered one of the most important classical double bass players in the world and was born in 1937 in Pistoia. Alberto Bocini one of the  students of Maestro
Petracchi, is a teacher at HEM (Haute École de Musique) in Ginevra and teaches in advanced courses at  Scuola di Musica di Fiesole at Orchestra
Giovanile Italiana. Antonio Sciancalepore is the first solo double bass of the Orchestra
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

All the events are free.  



Guided visits on reservation to some of the scientific, technical, historical and artistic excellences on the themes of landscape and nurseries.
Partecipation to the visits is reserved to a limited number of people on registration on the site

9.00 Meeting point at the visited structure

Reservation on the site is compulsory.
It is not possible to book more than one visit with the same name.

Quarrata – Villa Medicea La Magia: Contemporary Art and Landscape Itinerary.  Guided tour of the garden of the Villa Medicea “La Magia”, UNESCO world heritage and to the environmental art collection “The Spirit of the Place”. The visits are two: the first visit starts at 9.oo a.m., the second at 10.30 a.m., maximum 25 partecipants and about 1 hour lenght per visit. Address Via Vecchia Fiorentina, 63 – 51039 Quarrata (PT)

Collodi – Giardino Garzoni, Butterfly House and Pinocchio’s Park: Itinerary through the Giardino Garzoni, with a lesson on the theme of “Amusement Parks, botanical parks and historical gardens: facilities for the loisir and for the development of the ecotourism “, by Pierfrancesco Bernacchi and Stefano Mengoli;

Visit to the Butterfly House and Pinocchio’s Park and possibility to take part to a botanical treasure hunt. Address:  Via San Gennaro – 51017 Collodi, Pescia (PT).

 Pescia – CREA-OF di Pescia: Guided Visit to the Horticulture and Nursery Gardening  Research Center, which deals with productions for nurseries, ornamental plants, environmental green and street furniture, with prevalent activities in the areas of genetic improvement, sustainable production and energy saving and with a particular focus on cultivation, propagation and plant protection techniques. The structure referent Gianluca Burchi, will shortly introduce the activities of CREA-OF in the nursery area and will guide the visit to the experimental systems with an introduction to the several experimental trials by CREA-OF researchers. Address: Via dei Fiori, 8 – 51012 Pescia (PT)

ROUNDTABLE “A project for Pistoia European Capital of Green”

Sala Maggiore of Palazzo Comunale

3.00-6.00 p.m. A Project for Pistoia European Capital of Green

Introduces and chairs Renato Ferretti – Executive of the Province of Pistoia.

With the participation of: the Major of Pistoia, the President of Provincia di Pistoia Rinaldo Vanni, the President of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Pistoia e Pescia Luca Iozzelli, the President of Distretto Rurale Vivaistico-Ornamentale di Pistoia Francesco Mati, Green City Italia Andreas Kipar; President Italian Nursery Associations Vannino
Vannucci, President ANVE Marco Cappellini, President AIAAP Luigino Pirola,
President Direttori and Tecnici Pubblici Giardini Stefano Cerea.

 The green settings in the locations of the 2017 Edition, San Giorgio Library and Palazzo di Giano Comune di Pistoia are made by the Italian Nursery Association 

Project Director

Dott. Renato Ferretti, Executive Area di Coordinamento per la Governance Territoriale di Area Vasta

Responsible for Communication

Dott. Renato Ferretti (Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti n. 092273)

Project and Communication Coordination and Organisation

Ilaria Bonanno, Official Area di Coordinamento per la Governance Territoriale di Area Vasta

Website, Media and Graphics Responsible

Enrico Bartoli, Official Area di Coordinamento per la Governance Territoriale di Area Vasta

Staff (Employees of the Provincia di Pistoia)

Ilaria Barontini
Enrico Bartoli
Stefano Barducci
Ilaria Bonanno
Piero Bracali
Roberto Capobianco
Riccardo Castagnoli
Giovanni Cotza
Ilaria Franchi
Chiara Iozzelli
Laura Rai
Silvia Lombardi
Massimo Mungai
Davide Rinaldi
Francesca Simonetti
Marco Tempestini
Valter Tosi
Lucia Vezzosi
Massimo Zini

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